In recent news, the Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) and the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers (CFT) have reached a new collective bargaining agreement. The agreement covers issues such as salaries, benefits, and working conditions for CPS teachers and staff.

Under this new agreement, CPS teachers will receive a 2% raise in the first year and a 1% raise in the second year. Additionally, the agreement includes a reduction in healthcare costs for teachers and staff, which will save them approximately $9 million per year.

Another significant change in the agreement is the establishment of a new teacher evaluation system. The new system will be based on a combination of performance evaluations and student growth measures. The student growth measures will be based on factors such as standardized test scores, attendance, and graduation rates.

The new agreement has been praised by both CPS and CFT leaders. CPS Superintendent Laura Mitchell stated that the agreement “will help us retain and recruit high-quality teachers and staff.” CFT President Julie Sellers also praised the agreement, saying that it “recognizes the hard work and dedication of our teachers.”

The new collective bargaining agreement is a positive development for CPS and its teachers and staff. It demonstrates the importance of collaboration between management and labor to improve working conditions and provide fair compensation. With this agreement in place, CPS can continue to provide high-quality education to its students and attract and retain talented teachers and staff.